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Dr. Marina Raikhel graduated at the top of her class at the University of Auckland, School of Medicine in New Zealand. She was awarded the Phillips Award to continue her studies at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York. Upon returning to New Zealand, she passed the American, Australian and New Zealand medical boards and completed her residency at the University of Auckland. She was a practicing obstetrician prior to immigrating to the United States in 1989.


Dr. Raikhel has been practicing in medicine in the US ever since. She completed her American internship at the Kern Medical Center, an affiliate of UCLA, and her residency in Family Medicine at Harbor UCLA, becoming Board Certified in 1992. She made the choice to continue her medical career as a family practitioner. She explains, "Family practice offers the doctor more challenges. We treat the whole being, the total person, often in relation to the whole family's needs." Fluent in English, Russian and Spanish. Dr. Raikhel has a wide patient base. As a working mother with four daughters, she finds her own family experiences beneficial in treating her patients, particularly children and young adults.


Dr. Raikhel is an advocate of preventative medicine with particular interest in cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. She views these illnesses as manageable physical states that can be brought under control through careful guidance by a caring physician, saying "I would rather prevent an illness than treat it."


Although prevention is the best medicine, new discoveries are often a close second, and Dr. Raikhel has great interest in research and innovation in medicine. She began performing research, primarily clinical trials, during her internship in New Zealand and hasn't stopped since. Dr. Raikhel consistently fully enrolls her clinical trial studies, often exceeding goals; she has been the primary investigator with number one enrollment on more than one occasion. Research and innovation in medicine keep her excited about each day at the office and continually reaching out to her patients with new medications.


Dr. Raikhel also lectures on multiple subjects including female health, osteoporosis, hormonal therapy, PMDD, anxiety and depression. She provides not only peer presentations but also community information opportunities. A dedicated and hardworking professional, Dr. Raikhel combines the best prevention and treatment for the benefit of her patients.